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Founded by Shri Harish Kumar Ji in the year 1982, Punjab Automobiles (Solar Devision) supplier of diverse range of solar products which includes solar water heater, solar inverter, garden lights, lantern, home power systems and others. These products are known for cost efficiency and quality designs. Our products are eco-friendly and reduces energy costs as all the products use solar energy to function. With our experienced professionals we are dedicated in providing quality products to our customers. Owner of Punjab Automobiles has vast experience in the automobiles and fertilizers sector before inception of this venture.

With traditional energy sources getting more expensive, alternatives that are ultimately cheaper and more environmentally friendly are becoming widespread. Solar power is one alternative that has been with us for a long time and has many applications in the home, garden and for personal use.

Solar power is now used in a whole range of appliances that can be used around the home and in the garden. It seems that the way of the future in terms of energy supplies is to use renewable energy sources.

To the consumer this makes a lot of sense because the price of traditional energy sources continue to rise. Traditional energy resources are finite and the price rises will continue as the resources continue to dwindle.

In this respect solar energy has none of these problems. As long as the sun continues to shine, solar energy will be produced. This energy is renewable and, after the initial purchase to set up the solar appliances, the energy will be free

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